Growing In Gordon

Growing in Gordon

Growing in Gordon is a way for me to become pro-active in my own health.  God is in control, that is what I know.  I have faith that He holds all of this world in His hands, but I also believe that we are given choices that give us the freedom to live as we choose.  In regards to my health, I choose to live as productively as I can while I am given this life on earth.

Here in America we are so blessed with an abundance of food.  Our food choices affect so much more than just our taste buds, and sometimes it’s hard to get past the pleasure factor part of eating.  Not only do we eat for nutrition, but we eat for pleasure and often as a social past time.  Food is a big part of our culture and throughout history, food has always been more than a source of nutrition.

It’s true that “knowledge is power”, and any time I can educate myself more on any given subject, I have the freedom to come to my own conclusions about that subject.  Nutrition is one of those subjects that I am becoming more educated about. 

The beginning of my quest for better health came from recent pain I have been experiencing.  I hear people always saying, “Physical pain is just part of getting older.”  That statement may be partially true, but I don’t have to accept that as the ultimate truth just because other people have accepted it based upon what they are told instead of researching causes of pain.  My research has led me to a good starting point, and I highly recommend the book called: “The China Study” written by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and his son Thomas M. Campbell II, MD.